Resilience Health Coach

I am a Certified Jay Shetty Resilience Health Coach. I want to help you live the life you desire while experiencing mental or physical health challenges.


I personally know how vulnerable it can feel and how tough it can be when going through health challenges. I will make sure you feel seen and heard during each session by providing a safe and calm listening space for any emotions that come up, showing empathy and understanding for every emotion.


When challenging situations come up we will start exploring different perspectives.When challenges are seen from a different perspective, it will help build more confidence and strength. We can learn a lot from the challenges we experience in life.

Self Love

We will explore who you are and what you truly want out of life. We will start making actionable steps towards the life you want to live. By starting to take those steps you will not only find more joy in your life but also within yourself. You will start living the life you desire!

I want to help you through your health journey!

Please schedule a free virtual discovery session. We all have a light within us, sometimes we just need extra support finding it.

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“Kirsten is not only a wonderful life coach, but also an incredible friend. She’s sweet, hilarious, kind, and just an amazing person. Kirsten has helped me so much over the past months, and I don’t know how to thank her. I was having so many issues, and I needed someone to talk to; other than my significant other. She has provided me with amazing advice, and great laughs, and made me feel so at ease afterward. I highly recommend Kirsten, she’ll treat you as if you’ve known her your whole life.”

"Kirsten is an amazing coach. Throughout our coaching relationship she held space and encouraged me to be my most amazing self. She did it in a way that was so empowering and also empathetic. Having her as my coach brought clarity to my journey and helped me embrace parts of myself that weren't acknowledged before. Grateful to have known such a light and loving coach like her!"

"Kirsten is really passionate about helping her clients When I met with her for our virtual session, I really felt listened to, and that I was in a safe, judgement free zone. If physical ailments are impacting your life I would recommend meeting with Kirsten."

"I feel lighter today, after talking with you"

About Me

Hi! I'm Kirsten. I was a Certified Medical Assistant for about 10 years working in many different outpatient clinics including ENT, Adult Psychiatry and Medical Specialties. I absolutely loved my job, but I had to leave Medical Assisting due to my own physical health conditions. I have always had such a strong desire to help others. I have been through many different health challenges in my life. I have adhd, pots syndrome, mold sickness. I have been through infertility struggles, covid reactivating viruses in my body, but the thing that changed me and my perspective of life the most was when I almost lost my life giving birth to my daughter. That experience taught me that even though life can be really hard sometimes, enjoy the little moments and make the most out of your time here on Earth. I truly believe I went through all these health challenges to help others who go through health challenges feel less alone. I know firsthand how hard and lonely it can be when going through these challenges. I want to be your safe space where you feel seen, heard and valued for the person that you are. Everyone deserves to live their best life!

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